RaiseRight Gift Cards

"Shopping Cart Fundraising”

When you purchase RaiseRight gift cards, Sacred Heart earns $$$. Your gift cards can be used for regular household purchases you would make anyway: groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, gas, etc

Below are instructions for participation in this very easy program!

For questions or more information, contact Alisha Koonce at 501.354.4358.

To place an online order

  • Go to www.raiseright.com.
  • Enroll as a family.  Be sure to select Sacred Heart School as your charity with our enrollment code (case sensitive) - call 501-354-4358 or contact Alisha Koonce to access the enrollment code.
  • Search for the retailers that you are interested in.  
  • Check out.  If you choose to pay by check, be sure that you send in your payment to the Development Office by the deadline.  If you pay with PrestoPay, be sure to forward your approval code to Alisha Koonce for confirmation.

To place a paper order

  • Print and return the order FORM indicating the number of each card you wish to order.  If you see a retailer on the website and you wish to order by paper but it is not listed, please write in on the back of the form. Also write in a phone number and email address where you can be reached for questions.
  • Be sure to return payment with the form by the deadline

 Orders will not be purchased until payment is received; payment is due by the order date.  You can choose to pay by:

  • Check – made payable to Sacred Heart Scrip Fund.
  • PrestoPay –  This service will automatically deduct your purchase amount (face value of the cards you order) from you checking account.  If you enroll in this service, you will be given an approval code that you must forward to Alisha Koonce for confirmation.