New pickup and drop off routes, effective September 7

  • 3 September 2021
  • Author: Alisha Koonce
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We appreciate the feedback we have received about pick up and drop off.  This has always been a challenge and we are going to try out a new route that we hope will improve safety and speed. Please pay close attention to the new drop off and pick up route.

  • IF YOUR CHILD HAS TO DO ANYTHING IN YOUR CAR, please do not sit in the line and slow the traffic flow. You can park and walk your elementary child in if they need extra time. However, at the end of the school day, we ask that you only drive through the line and NOT walk up for pick up.
  • For both drop off and pick up, enter near the N. St. Joseph /Broadway intersection.
  • Everyone in grades 4-12 will be dropped off/picked up in front of the rails and exit onto St. Joseph
  • K-3 will drop off/be picked up in front of the elementary office, drive under the covered awning in front of church, turn right at the rectory, and exit onto Broadway. Do not turn left toward pre-k and please be aware that pre-k parents may also be exiting at that time. 
  • K-3 students with siblings in higher grades will go to the rails for both pickup and drop off.. 
  • ON RAINY DAYS - elementary will use our normal rainy day route for both pickup and drop off - enter on St. Vincent and drive past pre-k, travel under the awning in front of church to the front of the elementary main office.
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