SHCS Strategic Plan

In 2018, Sacred Heart was one of six Catholic Schools chosen by the Diocese of Little Rock to participate in a grant project with Catholic School Management. The purpose of this project is to position schools for long-term viability and vitality.

Work on the project is being led by a committee representative of the school at large.  It is a four-year process that will involve most everyone connected with Sacred Heart at some point.

Redefining our mission was the first order of business.  The new mission statement is the result of many hours of thought and discussion, including survey feedback from our families.  Our mission statement speaks of Sacred Heart "on our best day," while our newly defined vision statement is a description of what we want to be in the future.

We thank those who have joined us in this work and invite  all Sacred Heart families to participate in this work going forward.

The complete plan is now available HERE.