Endowment Fund

About The Endowment

Established in 1986, the Sacred Heart Endowment Fund provides permanent, supplemental income for Sacred Heart Catholic School in Morrilton, Arkansas.

An endowment is like a retirement fund; its purpose is to provide income for the school in perpetuity.  All contributions to the Endowment are placed in a variety of investments where the principal remains untouched and only the interest income is utilized to support the school.  A volunteer Board of Trustees, which includes the guidance of a professional investor, the school’s Principal, and the Pastor for Sacred Heart Church, oversee and monitor the investment policy.  This Board also meets annually to review the income earned from investments and determines the endowment contribution to the school.  Ultimately, the Sacred Heart Catholic School Endowment Fund is a source of permanent, reliable funding for the school. The Endowment fund has contributed over $600k to the school's operating budget since 2003.

Your donation to the Endowment Fund will preserve, strengthen, and build on the tradition of faith-filled education at Sacred Heart for years to come.

RECENT NEWS: Sacred Heart Receives Single Largest Gift from 1941 Alumnus

Endowment Annual Reports are available in each year's school annual report.


Board of Trustees

  • Jennifer Roscoe, Ex-Officio
  • Msgr. Jack Harris, Ex-Officio
  • Susan Gunderman
  • Trish Henry
  • John Maus
  • Ed Ruff
  • Brandon Zinser
  • Alisha Koonce, Ex-Officio
Endowment Fund