Afford SHCS

Sacred Heart aims to provide support to families who seek a Catholic education but need help with tuition. Thanks to our partner organizations and private donations, assistance may be available based on qualifying criteria.
  1. Families are responsible for submitting their own records within the designated deadlines. For income eligibility contact the school to find out if you qualify and begin the online application.
  2. Based on an objective set of standards, the review committee recommends a decrease in a family’s tuition based on the amount of financial aid available for the school year.
  3. Financial aid is paid for by our partnering organizations or through donations (details below). The amount available for financial aid may vary from year to year.
  4. Financial aid will be allotted on a monthly basis. If the student withdraws from school during the year, all unused portions of their financial aid revert back to the Financial Aid Fund.
  5. Financial aid awards will be communicated, in writing, from Sacred Heart School to the applicant.
  6. Families are requested to notify Sacred Heart School by the stated deadline for their financial aid award acceptance or rejection of the award and/or the consequential withdrawal of their student for lack of a grant award.
  7. All awards are for one academic year and parents must reapply annually for financial assistance.
  8. Financial aid does not cover annual fees nor books.
Scholarships based on Income Need:
  • Growing Catholic Education partners with Sacred Heart to help provide assistance to those who qualify as middle income.  (2022-2023 applications will be accepted beginning 6am, April 15, 2022. Have your 2021 tax return ready to answer questions)
  • ACE partners with Sacred Heart to help provide assistance to those who qualify as low income.
  • Thanks to the generosity of donors, Sacred Heart retains a limited tuition assistance fund for families who may not qualify for the above funding streams.
Scholarships for Families with Children who Have Special Needs - SUCCEED provides a scholarship to an eligible private school for students with disabilities that have an individualized education program (IEP), individualized service plan (ISP), and students in foster care living in a group home or facility that meet eligibility requirements. Applications should be completed through Succeed and acceptance is based on the school's ability to meet the needs of the student.