Sacred Heart Announces New Mascot for 2021-2022

  • 26 February 2021
  • Author: Alisha Koonce
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On Friday, February 26, 2021, in a series of student assemblies, the Sacred Heart Catholic School Senior class and members of the Student Council unveiled the school’s new mascot:  after 59 years, the school will be replacing the “Rebel” mascot and will officially become the Sacred Heart Knights.

Prior to becoming the Rebels in 1962, school mascots included Gridders and Panthers. The process of changing it began several decades ago: the images of Johnny Rebel and the confederate flag were removed in 2005-2006 and, in 2018, the school officially stopped using any images except the school crest along with the Rebel name.

In December 2020, a task force was assigned the duty of selecting the mascot.  They issued a survey requesting nominations from students, alumni, and parents.  The task force considered the nominations in terms of: why is a mascot important, is this mascot something that can endure, would I be proud to be represented by this mascot if I were a student today, in what ways might this be misunderstood, what kind of visual representation could this become, how does this relate to our school, and how does this relate to the Catholic faith.

The top three nominations were then sent back to students, alumni, and parents who were given the opportunity to pick their favorite.   Knights was overwhelmingly selected.

Knights encompasses the values we wish our students to master during their time at Sacred Heart, including honor, loyalty, strength, self-discipline, integrity, and perseverance. These also reflect important tenants within our Catholic faith and our identity as Christians. As Knights, our students will be encouraged to be pillars of strength within our school, community, and beyond.

A communication committee, composed of students, faculty, parents, and alumni will lead the process of fully developing the mascot imagery.  The new mascot will be in place for the 2021-2022 school year.

For more information about the history of the Sacred Heart Mascot and the process for selecting the new one, visit

Video of mascot reveal for students

Message from Seniors about the mascot change

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